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Why Thuridion?

Our diverse experience and track record of success makes Thuridion the right partner for outsourcing software development and web application development.

  • Over 500,000 hours creating strategic solutions for enterprise and technology leaders
  • Successful completion of over 375 development projects
  • Management and engineering teams are technology neutral
  • Extensive commercial software expertise
  • Understanding and focus on your business needs
  • Ability to design a team around your budget and your requirements
  • Expertise in customer facing solutions
  • Best of breed engineering and design processes
  • Technical credibility and a solid reputation

Serving Your Needs

  • We act as a central touch point with your consumer/user
  • We have a deep understanding of real business needs
  • We focus on scalable, extensible architecture as well as a quality user experience
  • We understand the impact of the solution on the total environment: users, customers, partners and the company
  • We have an emphasis on big picture issues, short and long term strategy, funding challenges, and care about your vision of the future
  • We can handle all aspects of management for all technology and software outsourcing efforts

Our Team, Your Solution

  • Process engineers and solution developers
  • Software / technology architects
  • Software / application implementation engineers
  • Graphics design artists / architects
  • QA engineers
  • Key strategic partnerships
  • Business and technology analysts

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