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What We Do

Commercial Software Development

Thuridion engineers have worked on a variety of commercial software product development projects. Thuridion has acted as the development team for start-up companies, and as key players inside of a team for large software publishers. Thuridion has developed device drivers, management and upgrade tools, customer facing utilities, and key integration modules for software publishers and technology companies.

Software customization to capitalize on opportunities is a key use of Thuridion’s project management and software development services. Our service offerings enable our clients to extend their product lines through the product lifecycle. By using Thuridion's engineering staff to research, analyze, design, develop, customize, and integrate new and existing technologies or products quickly, our client's are able to meet their customer expectations, and get products to market faster. Importantly, this is done without using a client's critical in-house engineering resources, enabling them to focus on core product development.

Thuridion’s diversity of experience includes development for Windows, Linux, UNIX, Flash, InstallShield, and others. Our technology skill set is deep and broad enough to cover a multitude of technologies. For example, our expertise in developing email product solutions, including development for Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook, Exchange, and Lotus Notes has enabled us to directly affect our client's product reach, and open new product doors for software publishing partners. Thuridion has libraries of proprietary re-usable technologies that dramatically improve time-to-market, and reduce overall project costs.

Enterprise Application Development

Thuridion capitalizes on 16 years of experience developing commercial software products to create best-of-breed applications for the corporate enterprise. Using proprietary engineering practices and processes, our team works directly with a client's IT department to analyze, define, design, and develop software and web applications that create an immediate return-on-investment. Our project managers drive the process and manage the whole of the project, from start to finish.

Thuridion delivers applications that increase productivity, improve efficiencies and create a direct competitive advantage. The result of thinking about IT strategically is that it affects the bottom line revenue in the short term, and strategic competitiveness in the long term. At Thuridion, we are not limited to one particular technology, nor do we develop exclusively for a niche market. Our focus is on developing real products, for real users. Our experience has shown us that technology is simply the enabler, and the right technology should be chosen that best suits the long-term product vision. Our team looks at the business, its processes, the long-term vision, and then recommends the best technology.

Custom Web Development

Our team of web developers have years of experience dealing with diverse problems. From early web design and development stages, through key improvements in search engine optimization, Thuridion provides the web development experts to capitalize on opportunities. Differentiation through excellent user interface design is often the difference between competitors successes. Thuridion focuses on creating easy-to-use, intuitive and exciting user interface solutions.

Working with Thuridion enables your business to take advantage of 16-years of commercial software development experience to create the best custom web site or web based application in your market. Our experience has shown that iterative product releases and interactive user participation creates the best web based applications and solutions. We also look at the whole picture from the beginning and provide core capabilities to handle IT operations planning, business process analysis, and user focused web based application development. Thuridion focuses on where it counts: Your revenues, costs, and profitability.

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