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Skills and Technologies

Thuridion has completed over 375 projects and more than 500,000 hours of software development in 16 years. Our work with start-up companies, corporate enterprises, and software publishers keeps our teams on the cutting-edge of software product and application development. The tenure and diversity of experience of our engineers ensure Thuridion has the technology and skills needed for a changing market. In addition to deep technical experience, Thuridion has knowledge areas of specialization and proprietary reusable code libraries.

Reusable code libraries

Over many years, Thuridion has developed proprietary re-usable components and source code to further streamline development processes and help clients get to market faster. These proprietary libraries allow us to implement unique solutions to otherwise challenging problems. Below is a sample of using such technologies in a product solution.

Thuridion developed a desktop communications and branding product. It is a brandable, persistent desktop communications channel technology that allows companies to communicate directly with customers at the computer desktop level to support promotion, marketing, and customer loyalty, or it can be used as a user-facing interface to an Application Service Provider. Any component of this technology can be reused to speed time-to-market for Thuridion clients.

Following are specific attributes:

  • Flash-based skinnable user interface
  • Embedded web content and media playback
  • Scriptable to allow for easy changes to functionality without a large re-install footprint
  • Integration of ActionScript, ActiveX, JavaScript, and Visual Basic for a dynamic and extensible application
  • Visual effects including translucent, transparent and non-rectangular windows
  • Customer tracking features for evaluating user preferences and evaluating promotional content.

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