Image of chess pieces Integration logoFew aspects of an organization are as dynamic as its sales and customer care processes. At the forefront of providing robust and easy to use solutions to support these processes is provides a rich platform that enables enterprises to extend, integrate, and customize their CRM. As a market leader in providing on-demand customer relationship management software, enables its clients to excel in their marketplace.

To be truly successful, a CRM application must seamlessly integrated with the rest of the organization's infrastructure. Thuridion enables you to fully leverage the power of's tool by integrating them with your critical business applications. Our consulting teams are experts in bringing diverse systems together, by enabling them to share data and functionality. We build the bridge between your systems and Whether its customizing a Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes plugin to, integrating your database with theirs, or adding new features to the ones you already use, Thuridion can help.

Thuridion brings solutions to your organization by:

  • Understanding your CRM needs and how solutions can provide a quick and robust answer to those needs.
  • Evaluating and identifying the best approach to integrating's APIs into you applications
  • Building the link between you and
  • Creating customized features and modules to enhance your utilization of

For additional information on how you can benefit from our our integration experience, please contact us at

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