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Information Risk Management - Phishnix™

Phishnix™ is one of a set of products and services from our partner Aujas. Phishnix is a social engineering solution that helps to train employees on the risks of phishing. Thuridion works with you to develop a phishing email scenario that is realistic and relevant to your organization. This email is then sent out to your employees, and Phishnix tracks how the employees respond. This provides your organization with a critical view of your human firewall and insight into where vulnerabilities exist. Phishnix further leverages the teaching moment created based on employee responses and generates an action plan that can be implemented to avoid future pitfalls. Phishnix helps your organization to reinforce the first line of defense by increasing an employee's awareness of phishing.


  • Assists in evaluating the readiness of employees against phishing attacks.
  • Simulates a simple phishing attack or a more targeted spear phishing attack.
  • Provides instant behavioral analysis that leverages a "teaching moment".
  • Creates a prioritized action plan to reduce the effects of possible future threats.
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