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Rich Internet Appications and AJAX

Rich Internet Applications, or RIA’s, and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) have received a lot of attention in the technical press recently. They represent a new approach to web application development that overcomes many of the problems with the traditional page based architectures and provides a much more satisfying user experience. Thuridion has extensive experience in developing Rich Internet Applications using AJAX, JavaScript, DOM Scripting, CSS and other technologies.

The advantages of this approach include:

  • Real-time user interactions that are simply not available with traditional page based architectures, including panning, drag-and-drop, inline editing, data sliders and much more.
  • Web applications that feel much faster and provide a more engaging user experience.
  • Reduced network traffic and reduced server load.

Reference clients:

Mourant: Created a set of custom timers used in a client billing application. AJAX techniques were used to allow users of this internal web site to independently time and bill for their customer related activities while maintaining full access to all other features of the site.

Rack Server Provider: Created an RIA application used by a Rack Server Provider to manage server farm and network infrastructure. Extensive use of JavaScript and RIA techniques were combined to create a web based management application with the look, feel and functionality of a traditional desktop application.

Charcoal Bob: Using ASP.Net, C# and SQLServer, the user interface layer, developed in ASP.Net makes extensive use of Javascript and iFrames to create a Rich Internet Application (RIA) where individual parts of the screen refresh without requiring the entire page to be update. This eliminates the "flash" associated with page updates on a standard web site.

For additional information on how you can benefit from our RIA and AJAX experience, please contact us at

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