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Document Management for Credit Unions

Contessa™ is a lightweight, browser-based document management system designed by a Credit Union, for Credit Unions. Bay Federal Credit Union developed the original "L1te" system for their own use because they needed an inexpensive product specifically focused on Credit Union processes. It has been in use at Bay Federal and a number of other Credit Unions for many years, typically saving "seven figures" in software and maintenance costs, as well as drastically improving customer service, document retrieval times, and front to back-office processes. Thuridion has added professional software development and support to create Contessa, the first document management system built by a Credit Union, for Credit Unions.


  • Easy to use. Requires minimal staff training.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Browser and Intranet based. No external access concerns.
  • Search for: scanned documents, statements, credit reports, tax forms, and many others.
  • Search by: member number, year, month, day, document type.
  • Scan documents: Can integrate with 3rd party scanning solutions.
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