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Thuridion has been working with Symantec and its acquired companies such as Quarterdeck and Axent for over 10 years. Thuridion has been the entire engineering team for product development and integrations, or acted as a core team member during its tenure as a partner to Symantec. Thuridion has provided project management, technical due diligence, core product development, and key-hitter services to Symantec.

The Challenge

To effectively extend market dominance to the rapidly expanding Security marketplace, and to be able to take advantage of opportunities to create a competitive advantage. Symantec needed a key partner that they could trust to work on the core product lines, as well as hand over isolated integration product development efforts. Symantec needed commercial grade software engineers to work with their teams on extended product lines. Understanding the unique language of a commerical software firm was important,but having talented senior software engineers was imperative. Reaction time was critical, both from a stand point of launching new projects, and from being able to support Symantec customers as an extension of the Symantec engineering teams.

The Solution

Symantec leveraged Thuridion's extensive Windows development expertise, first in the development of key components for Norton Desktop, then in the development of Norton Anti Virus for Windows. Thuridion developed Norton Anti-Virus for Exchange, and has been a core contributor to over 10 versions of Symantec Anti Virus products. Thuridion also joined Symantec during heavy acquisition periods to port products and integrate them into the Tivoi, OS/2, Lotus Notes, and HP Openview environments . Thuridion has managed and provided resources to Symantec for up to seven overlapping projects at any one time.

The Benefits

Symantec has continued to engage Thuridion to help accelerate the integration of its AntiVirus products, as well as a number of other key products and technologies, into the enterprise space. Having a long term development partner that knows Symantec processes and development guidelines, and has expertise working with their own engineering teams has enabled Symantec to rapidly respond to customer need and market opportunities.

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