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The Thuridion team was able to flex between 4-20 resources over a project period of 12 months. The resulting product was a full service ISP product used by American Express and others. Thuridion's value to Brand3 included dedication of the entire company to their success. From the CEO down, Thuridion did what it took and worked the hours needed to achieve success. The ability to apply experts in every discipline differentiated Thuridion from the competition, and make them a valued partner to Brand3.

The Challenge

Brand3 envisioned a desktop software product that would enable brick and mortar companies to offer branded internet access, branded content, and targeted advertising to their key customers. The product needed to scale to millions of users, be customized by their clients (extensible), and yet still maintain the intimacy of individual preferences. There were many technical challenges, but importantly, they needed to outsource to an engineering team that would act independently and responsively on behalf of Brand3. The Brand3 team management team was appropriately focused on securing funding, finding infrastructure partners, and generating customers. They did not have time to hire and manage a new staff of engineers. The Brand3 team needed a real partner for project management, product design, and engineering. They needed the diversity of a multifaceted organization to deliver on their promises.

The Solution

From the first meeting Thuridion provided Brand3 with the ammunition they needed. Within a week Thuridion delivered a UI prototype that allowed the management team to get a real feel for their product and refine their idea. Thuridion then began to design the full system from client application, content server, administration server, radius authentication, and various service integrations. During development Thuridion was able to use their own infrastructure, modems and servers, to demonstrate the entire product without using expensive hosting facility services.

Thuridion services did not stop at just architecture, development, and QA. Thuridion worked with the Brand3 team to evaluate partners, estimate customization efforts, and deliver on implementation and all integration activities to work with companies such as CMGI NaviSite, Critical Path, Covad and others. Once the system went "live", Thuridion set up monitoring services to ensure the system was running 24/7. Thuridion worked with the chosen hosting facility to deploy, maintain, and monitor the Brand3 systems. As the systems started to gather user data Thuridion developed analysis tools that provided usage data to Brand3 management to enable them to make critical business decisions.

Thuridion also acted as the liaison to Brand3's biggest customers, including American Express, which ultimately licensed the technology and rolled it out as a value add service for its ISP customers. Thuridion had direct relationships with both Brand3 and American Express. Thuridion acted as the technology development company behind the scenes for both companies enabling them to add custom features to the core product, and meet customer expectations.

The Benefits

Brand3 was able to focus on business decisions without worrying about the day-to-day tasks of getting their product developed and deployed. By engaging with Thuridion, Brand3 was able to secure funding and locked down several large clients. Brand3 was able to focus on their core competencies, and found a real partner in Thuridion as their engineering staff.

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