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The Challenge

As Barracuda Networks continued to enhance their award winning Spam appliance they needed a way for their users to provide feedback to the system to further improve the accuracy of the system. The Barracuda Networks development team was busy with their system development and needed to create an Outlook and Notes plug-in that could be ready for delivery in the same time frame as their new release.

The Solution

Because of Thuridion's expertise in email client plug-in development. Barracuda took advantage of existing technology that Thuridion had to dramatically shorten the release cycle of the Outlook plug-in. Working together, the Barracuda team and the Thuridion team, were able to deliver an Outlook plug-in that enabled users to easily provide sample data back to the Bayesian engine, feed whitelists, and stay connected to the Spam appliance. This solution was able to be delivered with the new Barracuda product release and gave Barracuda an even greater advantage over their competitors. Thuridion provided further benefit by providing a Lotus Notes plug-in equivalent to the Outlook plug-in, giving Barracuda a solution for the two main enterprise email clients.

The Benefits

Without disrupting Barracuda Networks already aggressive engineering schedule, they were able to deliver market leading features that put them ahead of the competition. This was due in great part to Thuridion's knowledge of Outlook and Notes plugin technologies, and their proprietary reusable technologies. Barracuda would not have been able to be deliver to market so quickly without the technology head start provided by Thuridion.

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