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Our alliance program enables us to expand our service offerings and our sales efforts. An alliance for Thuridion is either a specialist firm in a particular field, or a key alliance for promotion and sales of Thuridion's service offerings. We are proud of our ability to create viable and mutually beneficial alliances.

If you are interested in participating in Thuridion's Alliance program, please contact

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Thuridion has a strategic alliance with Bloofusion to provide targeted search engine optimization services to its clients. Bloofusion is an online marketing agency that enables companies to take advantage of search engines to turn web sites into effective sales and marketing channels. By focusing on search engine optimization as a long-term strategy they help companies attract potential clients or expand channel sales for online products. They have teams in the US and Europe. Bloofusion processes and techniques enable companies to harness the full business potential of the Internet, giving them a competitive edge and thus boosting their revenues.

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Schedeler & Company

Thuridion has been a strategic partner with Schedeler and Company for over 10 years. Schedeler and Company are experts in user interface design, human factors, marketing communications and marketing strategies. Clients like Prodigy, GeoTrust, Brand 3, American Express, Charcoal Bob and others have enjoyed the full contributions of Schedeler and Company. The focus of this alliance is to solve business problems by collaborating and developing the best user experience possible.

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Our partner program allows new venture product companies to extend professional services offerings to their clients. Outsourcing software development is a key strategy for these companies, and they need reliable partners. Partnering with Thuridion enables product companies to focus on their core business, and still provide their customers with the highest levels of service for customized software development. The program is built on Thuridion's depth of experience and the ability to provide flexible engineering staffing.

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Thuridion is a partner with SpikeSource which allows delivery and update of fully tested Open Source Software for those clients that require an non-proprietary solution but with the level of reliability and support usually associated with proprietary software.

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Catalla Systems, Inc. provides their customers with server-based media middleware solutions for video-on-demand and live streaming applications. Thuridion has a joint venture with Catalla in order to extend Catalla's professional services capabilities by bringing our breadth and depth of experience, customer-focused project management, and flexible staffing capability to select projects.

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Tasman Ave

Thuridion partners with TasmanAve to extend their service offerings to high end clients without increasing overhead. Thuridion works with TasmanAve on a per client basis to bring Thuridion's clients Web services and SOA-based solutions. Each of the solutions is catered towards the specific business needs of the client. Thuridion's ability to manage and communicate with both users and clients is key to each projects success.

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